Conference Details

19th February, Tuesday
Topic Presenter/s
Inaguration of the event 1. Shri. Rajat Kumar, IAS, Chief Guest,
2. Shri. Dana Kishore, IAS, Commissioner, GHMC
3. Shri  B.Kalyan Chakravarthy, IAS, DG, EPTRI
4. Shri. Satyanarayana Reddy, Member Secretary, TSPCB,
5. Smt. Radhika Rastogi, IAS, Deputy Director General, NIRD,
6. Commissioner Frank Avila, Chairman, WWM Conference,
7. Dr Prakasam Tata, ED, CTWT,
8. Shri. Buvanesh Boojala, President, ATA
Address  by Conference Co-Chair Dr. Prakasam Tata
Address by Conference Chair Commissioner  Frank Avila
Address by ATA President Shri. Buvanesh Boojala
Chief Guest address Dr. Rajat Kumar, IAS
Unveiling of Souvenir Souvenir brief by Convener
Introduction of USA Organizations / Speakers by the Convener Convener – Mr. Syam Pappu
Detailing of Program Details Convener – Mr. Syam Pappu
Business Speakers presentation Binder Group, Germany
Business Speakers presentation ISG USA
Business Speakers presentation Eco Tech Bangalore
Swan Environmental Ltd – overview SWAN environmental Ltd
Water and Waste water – Business Speakers presentation OTT Germany
Water Quality Issues -Emerging Pathogens and Chemicals  of Concern Dr Roger Iliff
Water and Waste water – Novel larvicides for control of Aedes and Culex mosquitoes Dr Ravi Durvasula
“LIFT: Helping Water Resource Recovery Facilities Prepare for the Future” Dr Amit Pramanik –  wrf
Water and Waste water – Water  Industry, Water Quality Standards/ Certifications Mr. Tom Bruursema
Water and Waste water – Storm Water management by GHMC GHMC officials
Water and Waste water – Storm water control practices at Chicago and Suburbs Dr. Khaja Moinuddin
Solid Waste – Impact on E-waste & associated Plastics on Water : Now & future Dr Shalini Sharma [Moderated by Dr. P.G.Shastry]
Solid and Liquid Resource Management in Rural India: Successful Experiments Dr P SivaRam, Professor & Head, CRI
Solid Waste – Solid waste management Ms Hari Chandana Dasari IAS
Solid Waste – Certification Programs in Sustainable Resource Management Ms Ruth Abbe
Solid Waste -Solid waste management by GHMC GHMC officials
Solid Waste -How to Recycle Everything in the Discard Stream – 12 Category Recycling Markets Mr Rick Anthony
Solid Waste -Engineers Without Boarders Engineers Without Boarders
20th February, Tuesday
Water and Waste Water – Lake Remediation / MWRD Practices Commissioner Frank Avila
Water and Waste Water -Lake Remediation Dr Prakasam Tata
Water and Waste Water -Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems Mr. David Mullan
Water and Waste Water -Stormwater Management: Best Management Practices Mr. Steven McCracken
Water treatment technologies Mr Chetan Kale
Water and Waste Water -Recovery of oil wastes from Water Len Blend / Jack Gardiner
Water and Waste Water -Rivers of the world foundation Mr. Subijoy Dutta
Water and Waste Water -WateReuse  – Linking Recycled Water Interests in the United States Mr Guy Carpenter – WateReuse
Water and Waste Water -Ground Water Treatment for Potable use Mr Uma S Vempati, AWWA/ISG
Water and Waste Water -Environmental implications : Nano technology Dr B. Siva Prasad, Scientist & Head, Bio-Tech, EPTRI
Water and Waste Water -Water supply sector – Reforms for sustainability D. Hanumantha Chary
Overview and initives of Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board Dr. M.Satyanarayana, Executive Director, HMWSSB
L & T initiatives Mr. Raju Ramachandran, L & T
Water and Waste Water -Water management by GHMC GHMC Officials
Water and Waste Water -PCB Overview and Initiatives in Telangana TSPCB officials
Water and Waste Water -Zero Waste Cities Around the World Ms Ruth Abbe
Water and Waste Water -The Zero Waste Approach Mr Rick Anthony
Water and Waste Water -World Clean-up Day – How to Clean up the Whole World in One Day Mr. Pal Martensson
Water and Waste Water -Municipal Solid Waste Panel Discussion GHMC, PCB and  US Solid waste management team
Water and Waste Water -Municipal Solid Waste Panel Discussion GHMC, PCB, NIRD, IIT and US Solid waste management team
Conclusion of the conference and Vote of Thanks