Our Goal

Professional Goal:


Strengthening further based on our first and second successful WWM conferences,


  • We would like our WWM platform to enable business opportunities,
  • WWM offer best technology solutions and disseminate best practices and methods in the Water and Waste Management sectors.
  • Connecting the global technologies and people together for the said cause


WWM conducted 2 International Conference during Feb 2019 and Feb 2020 in India.


The 3rd Conference & Expo of WWM: The WWM3 is being conducted as Virtual conference on Twin platforms, one in USA, and the other in India time zones for the first time. The eight tracks will have live sessions all the 3 days on each platform.


The expo stalls will be in 3D format and will create an experience of physical stalls. The Exhibitor will have exposure not only to USA and India visitors, but to other Countries like Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Thailand etc


With urbanization in the past century in World at a fast pace, the water and waste management issues multiplied throwing challenges to the municipal administration and public health. In the developing countries most of the municipal corporations did not have water and waste management facilities.


The Conference and Expo format is unique and will focus on water, wastewater, and solid waste issues facing both in the urban and rural areas. The two plat forms are dedicated to USA condition, India and other country conditions. This will also create a forum to bring together people from administration, industry, commercial sector and academia to interact with experts and vendors in water and waste management. The conference provides an opportunity to explore cost-effective technical solutions for water and waste management problems facing the community and exchange knowledge and expertise.