Why Attend

International Conference on Water and Waste Management is the most unique and comprehensive yearly event showcasing latest technologies in water and waste management sector with the participation of world-class speakers and experts discussing new trends, best practices, consulting and implementation of business solutions in the sector.


You will meet the people who you need to meet

The conference brings together the people who matter in the international water industry each year and makes it easy for you to meet them. The conference attracts the whole supply chain aspect so you can be sure to meet the best contacts. Whatever be your expertise or service provision, you could have an opportunity for One-to-One networking enabling you to speed up your business. Our representatives will help you fix your meetings during the event.


You will make surprise connections

What makes a conference valuable is the opportunity to meet people who you didn’t know would be important to the future of your business. Our networking banquet helps you interact with groups of people who share your interests. It is an ideal setting for serendipitous connections, delegate to delegate.


You will get a glimpse of the future

We invite a curated list of the most relevant speakers to address the pressing concerns of the industry. The objective is to enrich you with new perspectives and to enable you to see possibilities for the future that will change the way you run your business.


Raise your profile and be part of shaping that future

Delegate participation is at the heart of the conference. The best possible solutions can emerge during the event taking your insights to a new high.


You will feel engaged

Fast-paced two-day conference with new ideas crammed into it. Typically, it would contain presentations of about ten minutes to fifteen minutes long providing valuable inputs.